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Customer success stories


Seasonal demands meant this specialty bakery needed to purchase a large amount of raw materials to fulfill orders. With large expenses and a delay until they saw the corresponding revenue, The Original Cake Company needed funding that was going to suit their business needs.
Growing a business brings many challenges and outside help is often needed along the way. Bruud saw an opportunity to increase their direct-to-consumer sales by investing in their website, using InstantAdvance for strategic funding.
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Wicked Vision makes toys that encourage physical play, both indoors and out. With an opportunity for growth, they were looking for some short term funding.
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When searching for funds to help grow Lexnis, Muhnib wanted a product that supported the company and came from a source he was comfortable with.
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Harlow Group makes big components which are primarily made up of lots of little components and needed a solution for financing stock being held.


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Do payment terms affect your relationship with prospective clients? Charles Armitage, Co-founder and CEO of Florence shares their thoughts.
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Paul Kelly of Ocean Learning talks about dealing with large clients and how InstantPay has a direct impact on fee-earning availability

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