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InstantFinance from Previse smoothly and efficiently unlocks capital in the supply chain, especially for SMEs.

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Together we can offer your customers, or suppliers, access to their future revenue today – using the technology and ecosystem that powers InstantPay and InstantAdvance.

Prepaid invoices

Existing B2B invoice processes focus on approval and fraud prevention, while suppliers struggle with cashflow problems that threaten their existence. Our technology’s focus on the settlement risk avoids the need for an “approved” flag and allows you to offer payment within 24h of entry.

InstantPay is an invoice-oriented solution that saves time and money for everyone and avoids the process change and setup challenges of other supply chain finance products.

Revenue-based advances

47% of B2B firms say a lack of readily available cash suppresses their growth. High-street products are slow to set up, require covenants, guarantees and security. Alternative sources entail equity dilution or a card terminal. Our technology unlocks future revenue, providing short term cash for marketing, capital expenditure or seasonal needs without the complexity of a loan.

InstantAdvance revenue-based finance allows businesses to grow today, with repayments indexed on their future revenue.

Together we build stronger relationships

Your customers or suppliers access working capital solutions that range from “pay me now” for a single invoice to revenue advances with repayments that flex with sales.

Flexible,  accessible and secure finance

We work with you to match what’s best for your business and your customers’ needs. Whether you want to

  • Offer invoice or revenue-based finance.
  • Go bespoke with a blended product.
  • Link to our tools and UI, or build your own.
  • Use our funders or your own.

We supply data-driven risk modelling, and ISO certified security, enabling you to provide finance safely.

How InstantFinance works

Explore how InstantFinance works for different types of businesses, or contact us to start designing a solution for your business.

Corporate Buyers

Together we can offer your suppliers prepayments in a way that works for them and you. InstantPay’s next-generation technology brings financial and social benefits to all.


If you provide a business data network and/or existing supply chain finance then together we can enhance your platform’s capability – from full-service turnkey buttons to bespoke implementations using our APIs.

The backbone of B2B finance

When you team up with Previse you get more than just a set of features. We work with you to enhance the whole customer experience.

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