Data-driven supply chain finance

Previse powers the next generation SCF, enabled by data and technology

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    Classic SCF versus Data-driven finance

    In most cases, Corporates that are willing and able to issue the buyer approvals (IPUs) required to support SCF functionality already have live programs. For the rest, SCF needs extensive process change, limiting the value added to just the most significant suppliers.

    In contrast, Previse can provide frictionless, immediate financing. There is no need to wait for buyer approval/IPU and no buyer process change. We have the technology that can support the entire supplier base.

    Extending the finance period

    Paying on day 1, without buyer approval improves the number of days funded and the revenue generated

    Expand the pool of suppliers and buyers

    Traditional SCF requires acceptance at scale and operational effort to deliver. It is therefore it is not cost-effective to reach the full supplier base.

    Future-proof for an accounting change

    The new disclosure requirements will force companies using SCF programs to reveal their size and scope

    Strong ESG value

    As the economy recovers from Covid businesses will be faced with finding capital to invest in growth. Corporates recognise their suppliers as a key part of the community they need to support.