The impact of new supply chain finance accounting regulations

A briefing for treasury leaders and CFO’s on the coming changes and alternatives for supply chain finance

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    The time to analyse the potential impact on your business and pro-actively make changes is now

    Regulators are implementing far-reaching disclosure requirements for supply chain finance (SCF) programs. Find out about the changes,
    being pushed globally that will require companies to publicly disclose the size and scope of SCF programs, and how to adapt.

    Why now?

    SCF programs have been instrumental to buyers and suppliers for decades. Why are the rules changing now?

    The impact

    Today, SCF programs are built on a “Promise to Pay”, and generally appear on the buyer’s balance sheet as a “Trade Payable”. Companies using SCF programs will have to make tough choices, with hard consequences. What are your options?

    A better way

    Discover if there is a better way to maintain the powerful and essential benefits of SCF while eliminating the “Promise to Pay” bugaboo?