How businesses access their future cash, today.

Doing business locks up cash.
InstantPay gives you confidence and clarity by unlocking the cash tied up in invoices today.

Wait less

Over 97% of invoices can be approved for same-day payment.

Chase less

No need to spend time and money chasing, the cash is in your account.

Pay less

The service costs 1% of the invoice total for every 30 days it is paid early, calculated pro-rata.

Coronavirus has put an unprecedented strain on businesses across the country. By working with Previse, you stand to gain immediate access to cash at low cost and without long-term ties. I believe it helps ensure that both you and all of our suppliers have the healthiest cash balances possible and can support growth safely and sustainably.

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Working in collaboration with Previse to provide our suppliers with InstantPay

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No long-term commitment

Cancel at any time with a simple opt-out email

Simple early payment

It’s not credit or a loan, you get paid early in return for a small fee

No hidden fees

There are no ongoing management or audit charges

No big application forms

Confirm your company information, accept the Ts&Cs and off you go

How it works

Day 0

You continue to send invoices as you do today. Nothing changes.

Day 1

As soon as invoices are entered into the system, InstantPay processes them and authorises payment.

Day 30 or more

Vocalink then pays InstantPay based on your current payment terms.

To send an invoice to a corporate customer and get paid the next day is like nirvana

Alex Walker
Founder, Indigo Clothing

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Who is behind InstantPay?

InstantPay is provided by Previse, an award-winning technology business established to unleash the power that data can bring to B2B payments.

Based in the UK, the team have built InstantPay after analysing over $1.5trn of invoices and are now rolling out programs in partnership with large corporations globally.