Imagine your invoices being paid immediately. Forevermore.

Send invoices to your customer (as today)

We check them

You get paid, instantly

Wait less

InstantPay enables suppliers to large companies to have their invoices paid instantly. No more waiting for long payment terms. Our Artificial Intelligence analyses invoices to identify the small number that are unlikely to be approved, meaning the rest can be paid on day one.

Stress less

Once you’ve been paid, that’s it. No more uncertainty. We take care of the rest.

Pay less

There are no set-up or ongoing administration charges, just a small fee applied to each invoice to cover the operational and funding costs.

Simple to use

Simply an early payment

InstantPay is not credit or a loan and unlike factoring you are not selling your invoices to a third party. There is no special bank account or credit application paperwork. You simply get paid early in return for a small fee.


You continue to send invoices as you do today. Nothing changes. As soon as invoices are entered into the system, our smart technology processes them and authorises instant payments.

Payments and reconciliations

You get email remittances for each payment which contains the info you need for reconciliations. If the invoice doesn’t pass the InstantPay checks, then it will be paid on the terms you have with your customer.

Additional terms you need to know

You provide an indemnity to confirm that your invoices are correct. If there is a dispute or adjustment (credit note, debit note, adjustment) made to an invoice that has already been paid, then the adjustment will be applied to your next payment. If this cannot happen then you may need to settle up by paying any outstanding balances.

On average 3 days are lost chasing invoices each month. Get time back in the day with InstantPay.

Previse/Censuswide survey of 500 SMEs conducted late 2017