Imagine your invoices being paid immediately. Forevermore.

With InstantPay you stop chasing payments today.

Send in your invoice

We check the invoice

You receive cash in your bank, instantly

Wait less

InstantPay pays your invoices when your customer receives them, by assessing if they will be approved. It’s not a loan, it’s not factoring, you don’t need to manage discount rates and you don’t have to wait.

How so fast?
Why so fast?
How so fast?

We use historical data to forecast the approval of new invoices. If the invoice scores high enough, we authorise an early payment, and you have cash in your account within hours

  • We don’t have to wait for your customer to approve your invoice
  • We use smart technology to automate the whole process
Why so fast?

We believe that businesses should be paid faster.

But your customers are trapped by process and external expectations, which makes it hard for them.

Our technology helps to speed things up and means you don’t have to stress about your cash flow.

Stress less

Once you’ve been paid, that’s it. No more uncertainty.

Our state-of-the-art system and existing relationship with your customer takes care of the rest.

How do you register?
How do you invoice?
How are payments and reconciliations handled?
Will you always get paid faster?
How do you register?

If you supply a customer that is offering InstantPay then watch out for an email with an invite to join up. We’ll then get you signed up in three easy steps.

  1. Check your email and phone number
  2. See how InstantPay could help you
  3. Agree to our terms and conditions
How do you invoice?

You don’t change anything you do, we use the data from your customer.

As soon as invoices are entered into their system, our smart technology processes them and authorises an instant payment.

How are payments and reconciliations handled?

There is no need to open a new bank account, we pay into the same one that you use today.

Our App allows you to check the status of invoices as well as providing a remittance advice that breaks down the payment, into:

  • Invoices
  • Credit/debit notes
  • InstantPay fees
Will you always get paid faster?

Most businesses that qualify for InstantPay will get paid when their invoice is received every time, but there will be exceptions and we understand predictability is important for you.

The things that are most likely to change whether or not your invoice can be authorised for InstantPay:

  • A build-up of credit notes
  • A sudden change in the products or services you’re delivering
  • A sudden change in volume
  • A drop in invoice frequency (less than 8 per year)

Once signed up, you can track your invoices and payments on our portal. If an invoice does not qualify, and there is no dispute, we will do our best to pay you as early as possible and no later than normal terms.

Pay less

We charge a fee of 1% for every 30 day period (pro rata) an invoice is paid by InstantPay ahead of your normal terms. This is an APR of 12%.

Who can use InstantPay?
What are the fees?
Where does the fee go?
Who can use InstantPay?

Most, but not all, businesses can benefit from InstantPay.

There are some limits, for example, we can’t help you if you have less than 3 directors. We’re also probably not the right solution if you have access to cheaper finance

If you want to use InstantPay to pay your suppliers, contact our buyer team on

What are the fees?

We have done everything we can to make InstantPay as competitive and fair as possible. Here are some examples to show you.

(days from authorisation to normal terms)
Fee (%)Fee for a £1,000 invoiceFee for a £5,000 invoiceFee for a £10,000 invoiceFee for a £100,000 invoice
200.67£ 6.70£ 33.50£ 67.00£ 670.00
301.00£ 10.00£ 50.00£ 100.00£ 1,000.00
451.50£ 15.00£ 75.00£ 150.00£ 1,500.00
602.00£ 20.00£ 100.00£ 200.00£ 2,000.00
903.00£ 30.00£ 150.00£ 300.00£ 3,000.00

Our research shows that small businesses often pay APRs of 15-25% for overdrafts, credit cards and unsecured loans. InstantPay is 12% APR and is half the price of factoring (median charge of 24% APR). You can use our calculator below to try out some scenarios for yourself.

Where does the fee go?

Your fees are used to pay for:

  • The money we use to bridge the gap between paying you early and your customer paying us back
  • Operating our infrastructure and keeping everything secure
  • The data we use to score your invoices

In return, you get paid instantly.

Representative example

Invoice amount
Days early with InstantPay
InstantPay fee
Cost Calculator
See the true value of your money
0% 40%
£ 10,000 £ 1,000,000
0 10
30 90
Without InstantPay

True value of your money

£ 77,000

Financing cost

£ 12,000

Time cost

£ 11,000

With InstantPay

Cash in your pocket

£ 99,000

InstantPay Fee

£ 1,000

Join the 93% of suppliers who would benefit from InstantPay

Previse/Censuswide survey of 500 SMEs conducted late 2017