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Why do adjustments happen?

We process and prepay invoices as soon as they appear in your customer’s systems. Those invoices remain open for amendment and dispute until your customer approves them and proceeds to settle with us. During this time, the invoice value and/or its status can change as described in “What causes account adjustments?”. 

If our technology predicts that any of these events may happen, then it will delay prepayment slightly. However, if it doesn’t, you can receive a prepayment for the original invoice amount (less our usual fees) before these changes occur.

To give you a simplified example:

  1. We saw an invoice for £1000 and prepaid you for it (less any fees)
  2. Three weeks later, you issued a credit note for £200
  3. Three weeks later, your customer pays us £800 + £200 credit note
  4. We are now £200 out of pocket.

So we issue an account adjustment letting you know that we are £200 short, and that £200 is the Supplier Claim. Similarly, if the error is in your favour we will make an extra payment for the difference.

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