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What events trigger an adjustment?

Several everyday situations can result in some form of adjustment:

Your customer uses Credit notes to pay part of our bill.

Suppose you and your customer discuss any differences between an invoice and the goods/services supplied. The original invoice remains untouched, and you issue a Credit Note to reflect the agreed changes.

Your customer uses Debit notes to pay part of the bill.

Some customers unilaterally change the invoice value by issuing a Debit Note, for example if they received fewer items than invoiced.

Your customer changes the invoice value.

Mistakes can happen and can be corrected when a QA or approval process finds them. This is the only scenario where we might owe you extra money.

Your customer cancels an invoice allocated to you.

This is usually because someone has made a mistake and, for audit reasons, your customer doesn’t allow their staff to amend the original entry. These invoices are often re-booked with the corrected information.

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