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What do you need to do if you owe us money?

Adjustments that result in Supplier claims need to be settled within 60 days, regardless of the cause. In most cases, this will happen automatically, for example, if your customer pays us using a credit note, we will either:

  • deduct the amount owing from your next prepayment, or
  • deduct it from any non-prepaid invoices being settled on the same day.

We can charge interest, although when this starts depends on what triggered the claim and usually includes a grace period (typically 5 business days). Interest is then calculated daily at the same rate as your InstantPay fees.

If you don’t invoice this customer frequently

if you don’t invoice this client frequently, you may want to pay us back manually. Your payment instructions are in the Customer account adjustment email, but it’s always best to contact us and check you have the correct balance first.

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