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How does an InstantAdvance work?

Your contract provides the full terms, however, an InstantAdvance typically operates as follows:


  • We will work with you to agree on an affordable InstantAdvance size
  • We decide your fee (starting from 3%), so you know the exact cost
  • We agree on the percentage of your revenue that we will take for repayments. If your revenue goes down, you pay less.


  • Your payments and fee are collected via Direct Debit
  • We will need regular access to your bank account and management accounts information to calculate the repayments. We prefer to set up an automated data feed to make this as simple for you as possible, but other methods are possible.

Other conditions may be agreed upon with you on a case by case basis.


Should you want a new InstantAdvance at any time, please contact your relationship manager and we can fast track your request (as you’re already set up).

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