About us

Our vision is a world where business data makes commerce efficient and fair for all


Previse is a global financial services and technology company based in London. Our purpose is to turbo-charge B2B commerce by using buyer/supplier trading data.


Our starting premise was that payments for goods and services in the B2B space are just far too hard. They are archaic for both the seller trying to get paid and the buyer trying to approve invoices and pay. This process can take months of waiting, chasing, checking, back and forth. And that makes no sense. So we created InstantPay.


Previse has built the infrastructure to connect the millions of suppliers on existing B2B networks with billions of dollars of finance in ways that are otherwise not possible. Our core capability is to process Corporate and SME trading data globally and use AI to predict future revenues and price the risk accurately. This is the intelligent technology behind InstantPay.

As our journey continues, it has become apparent that we need to do more to help businesses than simply speeding up invoice payments. So we are taking another step, using the trading data and technology behind InstantPay to make future revenue available as a cash advance today.

Previse celebrates the success of Good Business Pays, one year on

It is almost a year since we launched Good Business Pays, and we wanted to update you on the successes of the movement. We created Good Business Pays to focus on the culture of slow payment here in the UK, and on the power of modern technology to transform working capital finance for SMEs globally.

Mastercard and Previse speed business payments globally

Mastercard and Previse today announced the integration of Mastercard Cross-Border Services – a global push payments platform that enables funds to be sent seamlessly, securely and with certainty to any account – into Previse’s InstantPay platform.