Offer your suppliers immediate payments.

Pay whenever is best for you.

Socially responsible

Do the right thing for suppliers large and small, enable access to predictable cash flow from a trusted provider.

Payment flexibility

With instant payments, you can offer great terms and pay when it’s right for you with no need for a promise to pay

Lower costs

Faster payments mean fewer incoming AP calls, leading to lower operational costs.

Suppliers send invoices

Invoices are sent by suppliers just as they are today.

Immediate payments

When you receive the invoice, payment is made by Previse (less a small fee), pre-approval.

You process as normal

Buyers continue their settlement process and pay Previse when ready, less any adjustments, at Previse’s risk.

Get started today

InstantPay is already offered by some of the world’s most innovative companies. Sign up to offer InstantPay to your supply chain.

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