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For suppliers

Why wait? Get invoices paid today

For buyers

Unleash value from source to pay processes

To send an invoice to a corporate customer and get paid the next day is like nirvana

Alex Walker, Founder, Sells to FTSE 100 corporates

The B2B relationship made efficient and fair for all

AI powered payments

Our algorithms analyse the data from the invoices that sellers send to their large corporate customers.

Predictive analytics identify the few problematic invoices, enabling the rest to be paid instantly.

Sellers paid instantly

InstantPay gives sellers cash, confidence and clarity, by getting invoices paid on day 1. Leaving them free to invest in their futures.

Better business for buyers

Large corporate buyers save huge sums, whilst strengthening partnerships with happier, sustainable suppliers.


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Previse wins major grant from Banking Competition Remedies

Previse has been awarded a £2.5m grant by the Banking Competition Remedies’ Capability and Innovation Fund.

The money, which will be used to fund further development of Previse’s industry leading instant payments solution, was won after a competitive application process that saw £20m dispersed to 6 companies, as part of the BCR’s mission to facilitate the commercialisation of financial technology relevant to SMEs.

How Previse is supporting SMEs through this late payments crisis

The economic fallout from coronavirus is intensifying the ongoing problem of late payments. Previse is proud to be approved for accreditation by the British Business Bank under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS). CBILS loans will be available through our InstantFlow Cash Account solution, enabling SMEs instant access to the money they’re owed by their customers.

A better future

For more than a decade large firms have been able to support their suppliers with a range of supply chain finance (SCF) options. Yet, uptake of these programmes by SME suppliers has remained limited