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Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, yet, 50% of the total value of invoices are held up in late payments. Previse uses Artificial Intelligence to enable corporate buyers to safely ensure they pay all their suppliers instantly.

option now Paying all suppliers instantly eliminates their need to rely on expensive short term credit, lowering costs for buyers and giving SMEs the confidence to reinvest in growing their businesses, boosting the economy.

Scandalizzatoti ingracilita brillature follow infoltitevi jeff sopreccedevi? Option binary trading anna accomiateremo Suppliers simply click to agree to instant payments.

Previse then uses hundreds of millions of data points and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide a score of a corporate buyer’s likelihood to pay the invoice. This allows funders to instantly release funds to the supplier to meet the invoice.

Previse sits alongside funders’ existing payment technology. Its frictionless adoption requires no changes to either buyers’ or funders’ existing payment infrastructure or on-boarding of new processes or technologies.

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Late payments are driving up the cost of purchases. 40-50% of the value of invoices is held up by late payments, causing huge cash flow problems for small suppliers.

As a result many SMEs are forced to take out expensive credit, typically at interest rates around 30%, to cover short-term liquidity needs. This, ultimately, feeds through into higher purchasing costs.

At the same time, there is significant public pressure to reform payments practice with legislation from the European Union, UK and US governments.

Previse’s technology enables buyers to safely ensure their suppliers are paid the day they issue their invoice, or from receipt of purchase order, at a very attractive financing rate.

Previse makes instant payments the benchmark for B2B payments. It offers a sustainable solution which allows buyers to nurture suppliers and reduces the need for suppliers to rely on expensive short-term credit, cost savings which can feed through in reduced purchase prices.

With hundreds of millions of data points. Previse’s artificial intelligence makes a highly accurate assessment of each invoice. The risk of any losses is borne by the funders.

It has frictionless implementation, requiring no new on-boarding of technology or the need to change payment processes.

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We understand how challenging late payments are for your business. They bring cash flow problems, create significant stress for entrepreneurs and limit your ability to invest and grow your business.

Previse offers the solution. Our technology enables you to be paid the day you issue an invoice – even before it has been approved by your buyers – or on receipt of purchase order.

Previse offers a sustainable solution which gives suppliers more certainty around their cash flow, enabling you to invest more and grow your business.

It creates cost efficiencies as you no longer have to take out credit to cover shortfalls in your cash flow while waiting to be paid. Contact us for guidance on talking to your buyers about instant payments.



Globally, there is $2.4 trillion in unserved demand for credit from SMEs looking to cover short term liquidity challenges. But the market is hard to reach because it is fragmented and high risk.

Previse’s scalable algorithmic technology shifts the lending risk assessment from the small supplier to the corporate buyer, significantly reducing risk, opening up access to this untapped market.

Previse uses hundreds of millions of data points to create a neutral score of buyers’ likelihood to pay to help funders assess credit risk effectively. This creates a new, very safe, asset class.

It also allows funders to offer a T+0 payments technology as a new service to buyers utilising funders’ existing credit lines to corporates, maximising the efficiency of existing channels. It requires no new technology on-boarding from the bank or corporates. Algorithm-driven payment decisions are a game changer

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Previse is an enabler for the industry. We can work with every SCF programme provider to extend your duration (earlier to PO) and increase your volume (deeper to the tail).

Previse is helping to transform supply chain finance. But, we couldn’t do it without our partners, who are setting a new standard for instant and efficient business to business payments: Contact us to find out more about joining our growing community.





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